Fireplace Design in Edison, New Jersey, Middlesex County, and Monmouth County

A fireplace in the home provides a number of benefits for a family. Not only will it produce comforting heat and ambiance, this heat is often more affordable than other sources available. When contemplating adding a fireplace, hiring a professional design team will ensure that the unit installed fits the room and the needs of the family.

Benefits of Having a Fireplace

Although ambiance and affordable heating are noteworthy benefits, these are not the only advantages of having a fireplace. Having a source of independent heating appeals to many people. If a power outage occurs, a fireplace will provide the ability to heat the home without potentially dangerous interruptions. Burning wood is also comparatively efficient when analyzed against other types of fuel, such as coal. Outdoor units are also popular in many residences, providing a source of outdoor heat and a place to cook.

Designing a Fireplace for the Home

The overall design of a fireplace includes a number of options. One of the first choices involves the system itself – wood-burning, natural gas, or electric, for example. A ventless fireplace can be ideal for people adding a unit to an existing space. Design also involves the surrounding materials, which might include options like concrete, stone, brick, or even wood planks. Optimally, the fireplace style will fit the rest of the room so it becomes a seamless feature.

How to Choose the Right Fireplace Design

Because a fireplace is likely to become a focal point of a residence, choosing its design is an important process. Homeowners must consider other architectural styles in a house. For example, a modern room might not be the right backdrop for a large wood-burning stove. Similarly, a traditional room with exposed beams on the ceiling and a rustic wood floor is probably not a good fit for a modern fireplace.

Another factor in choosing the right unit for a family and a home involves the homeowner's desires for use. Some people might embrace the process of heating with wood, even appreciating the opportunity to chop and stack wood for burning. However, other families might prefer a less labor-intensive unit, such as gas or electric. Considering maintenance and use is important to ensure that the unit matches the individual's lifestyle.

Our Custom Fireplace Design Services

Whether customers prefer indoor or outdoor units with wood, gas, or electricity, Ember Fireplaces offers custom design services. Our holistic approach covers the entire process from design and installation through to ongoing maintenance. Our team of technical experts and local artisans ensures that the resulting designs are unique and of the highest quality.


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