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About Us

Ember Fireplaces started with the idea that fire is a design element that makes a house a home.

We offer a comprehensive array of services from design to installation and service. We handle most the work with our in-house skilled resources, and work with other professionals for more specific aspects of finish work.

If you are interested in adding a fire feature to your home or business and don’t know where to start, we are here to guide you through the very many options available. We will help you choose the right unit with the size and heat output for your space as well as design the surround that perfectly fits with your aesthetics and style of the home to create the focal point that you deserve.

Once we agree on an approach, our team of technical experts and network of artisans will execute the installation quickly and with quality that you can rely on. Our specialists are certified by the National Fireplace Institute so you can be assured that the work being done in your home is professional and dependable.

Through our 10 plus years experience in the hearth industry we were constantly exposed to families and business owners who were not looking for an appliance, but for a way to bring warmth and atmosphere into their space. We have anecdotes and stories from almost each job that we did with very personal motivation for why we were installing a fire place - it is an emotional and intimate addition to a home.

We wanted to build a company that creates firescapes not just installs units and focuses on that personalized attention to find the right unit, finish, look, effect, technology for each individual case. Our goal is to promote togetherness, drama (of the good kind) and help you create an unforgettable focal point that enhances the space and harnesses the primordial beauty of fire for your selfish needs.

We work with many partners for both indoor and outdoor products to make sure that we offer a wide selection of options for your specific needs. Always on the lookout for new technologies, new designs and solutions, we are active in the industry to stay current on design trends and efficiency enhancements. We want to be able to offer our clients a wide array of alternatives, but provide them with the expertise to guide them through the decision process and find the best one that fits the budget, the style and the utility.

At Ember Fireplaces we figure that people have been gathering around a fire for almost as long as we have been able to stand up straight. There is a lot to be said for that legacy, but why not bring it into the modern world. Let’s ignite the experience!

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